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Business Skills & Business Acumen Resources

It's important for everyone in a company to understand their role within the organization, and make sure their values align with the company mission and the day-to-day work that they're doing. Here are a few resources to help you make sure you're aligned with the company. 

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Our Core Values

How We Apply Our Core Values

Whether you’re looking for a working group, team, department, or whole company, having & communicating core values helps attract others who share our values


Your Workday Persona

Aligning Your Values With Work

Since we spend so much of our lives at work, it’s important to make sure we are spending our days as a 'persona' that aligns with what we really value.

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Affiliated Organizations

Better Business Bureau

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) was founded in 1912 with the mission to advance marketplace trust, and with the vision of an ethical marketplace where buyers and sellers trust each other. 

  • If you are looking for more information about the trustworthiness of a potential vendor, the BBB is a great resource. 
  • If you are a business owner looking to establish your marketplace trustworthiness, the BBB is an excellent place to start.

Targeted Small Business

The Targeted Small Business (TSB) program through the Iowa Economic Development Authority exists to help women, individuals with minority status, service-connected disabled veterans and individuals with disabilities as they start and grow small businesses in Iowa.

  • If you are looking to work with vendors and suppliers who are woman-owned or who have minority status or are service-connected disabled veterans or who are individuals with disabilities, the TSB program provides a directory of Certified TSB businesses.
  • If you are a business owner who qualifies, valuable TSB resources are available to you.


The National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO) was founded in 1975 with the mission to propel women entrepreneurs into economic, social and political spheres of power worldwide, with the vision of representing the interests of all women entrepreneurs across all industries, and with chapters across the country.

  • If you are a woman business owner, getting involved in NAWBO is a great way to connect with other women entrepreneurs and advocating for women-owned businesses across the country.
  • If you are a corporate partner or non-profit organization who shares the mission of NAWBO and wants to help expand the influence as a thought leader, NAWBO could use your support.
  • NAWBO Iowa is the NAWBO chapter for women business owners, corporate advocates, and non-profit affiliates within the state of Iowa.
2020 Indianola Chamber of Commerce

Indianola Chamber of Commerce

Many communities have an organized Chamber of Commerce, offering resources to protect and promote the interests of its members. The Greater Des Moines area as well as the Indianola Community in particular have active associations committed to helping businesses in the area improve their visibility, stay connected with the community and each other, build relationships through networking, and foster leadership. 

  • If you are a business owner, seek out your local Chamber of Commerce to learn how the many benefits offered by the chamber could help you.
  • If you are located in the Greater Des Moines area, learn more about The Greater Des Moines Partnership.
  • If you are located in Indianola, connect with the Indianola Chamber.

Prioritization Quick Filter

Prioritization Quick FilterWant to be a even more productive today? Make sure you're prioritizing the the right work by following this quick filter! 

Living Your Values at Work Infographic

How to Live Your Values at Work (2)This simple, easy-to-use tool from Your Clear Next Step gives you everything you need to make sure you're living your values at work. With an easy to follow graphic, this tool will help you make your work days even better. 

How to Live Your Values at Work

12We are known by our character, and our character comes from our habits. Are your workplace habits consistent with your values? Does your character show through at work? Encounter a simple process to help ensure it does.

How to Appreciate Your Customers (and Colleagues) When It's Not Easy

1-1Designed as a realistic and applicable “How-To” guide for busy professionals, this class will help you find tactical, practical steps help those around you feel valued.

How to Build and Keep Good Relationships In Your Network

2-1Not sure how to maintain your business network? Try these proven tips.


How to Finish Strong

3-1The year is almost over, but there’s still time to finish strong so you can start next year well. Encounter three ways to make the most of the rest of the year.

How to Get More Done Right Now

4-1Ever wondered how you can squeeze just a few more ounces out of your day? In today’s busy workplace, we can’t spend the same amount of time and energy on every task or email that crosses our desk.  Learn how to spend the right amount of time on the things that matter most.

How to Juggle the People you Work With

5-1Based in best practices of people-juggling (stakeholder management to those in the PM/BA world), we’ll give you tools and tips to help you understand the people around you, and the different ways they can influence the things you’re working on.

How to Make Solid Decisions That Stick

6-1Every organization makes decisions, but sometimes making those decisions can be a painful experience. Get a clear picture of common decision-making mistakes, along with tools and tricks to avoid them.

How To Make Sure Next Year Is Even Better Than This Year

7-1We’re smarter today than we were yesterday, but that knowledge isn’t doing us much good if we don’t talk about and capture it.

How to Play the Escalation Game

8Take a deeper look at the tools and concepts of escalation, learning more about how to do it as effectively as possible.

How to Set and Score the Right Goals

9Goals and expectations are critical to success! Are you ready to set the right ones, and are you going to get there?


How to Tame a Bully

10Discover and practice solid, repeatable, time-honored techniques for working effectively with individuals who (intentionally or unintentionally) interfere with the work we’re trying to do.

How to Think Like An Employee Owner

11What drives individuals to feel invested in their company? What can employees and owners do to increase the sense of value and purpose that drives success?