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Internships are great for organizations, and interns! If you're looking to have even better internships, you've come to the right place. 

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Intentionally, Reliably Useful

Hiring Successful Interns, the First Time

Since 2010, Your Clear Next Step has hosted lots of interns. The vast majority of our internship experiences have been successful. A couple were a struggle. One of the secrets to our success can be found in our core values.


4 Ways to Help Interns Be Successful

And Meaningful within Your Organization

A successful intern can be a huge asset to your business, but, like any employee, they need a little maintenance and management. They're looking for guidance within their role, so if your organization will be taking on some interns this season, here are a few things to know. 

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Internship PROS

Are you ready to have a strong internship program that provides a deep benefit for both the employer and interns? Enroll today!

Participants in the Internship PROS get the benefits of...

  • Engaged interns who produce valuable work, who find meaning and possibly long-term employment homes, and to gain professional development that positions them well for their future careers.
  • Satisfied employers who receive valuable services at a fair-market rate, and who invest in the future workforce, and who have a recognized channel for recruiting trained and proven talent.
  • Happy college career services teams who have reliable, repeat employment partners, who have access to professional development experts, and who know they’re providing top-notch opportunities for students.
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