Resources and Tools

Communication Infographic


The Road to Communication is vital to our success, but it's not always easy to navigate. This simple, easy-to-use tool from Your Clear Next Step gives you everything you need to understand the three principals of effective communication. With an easy to follow graphic, and tips incorporated a long the way, this tool will help make your communication even better. 

Living Your Values At Work Infographic

How to Live Your Values at Work (2)

Living your values at work can be tricky if you're not intentional. This simple, easy-to-use tool from Your Clear Next Step gives you everything you need to make sure you're living your values at work. With an easy to follow graphic, this tool will help you make your work days even better. 

Prioritization Quick Filter

Prioritization Quick Filter

Ever wondered how you can squeeze just a few more ounces out of your day? In today’s busy workplace, we can’t spend the same amount of time and energy on every task or email that crosses our desk.  Here's one tool to make sure you're doing the right work. 

Desktop Background

When the Going Gets Gray desktop background

Admitting “I don’t know,” or “I’m not sure,” can be nerve wracking, but it can also be liberating enough to help get us started. Here's a desktop background to help remind yourself that it's ok!  

Business Case

Need a little help making a case for your training or coaching? Try a business case! Not sure where to start? Here's a template. Download our business case template and customize it to fit your specific needs.

Working With Me Tool

Screenshot 2022-08-03 135322Help ensure you have effective working relationships by starting with self-awareness. Fill out the Working With Me tool to help yourself and your working groups understand each other even better.

Go for A RIDE Template

Go for A RIDE

Feedback is an important part of any working relationship, and it's a gift! Use this one-sheet and prompts to help you prepare for giving the gift of feedback.


Change Infographic

change infographic picChange is so hard because it means facing the unknown. We are here to fix this equation. Our Change Infographic tries to take some of the unknown out of whatever change or transition you might be facing so you can feel less scared and more ready for the "B" that lies ahead.

Change EBook

Change e-book

Change is coming at us fast. Relentlessly. Moving. Us. Forward. I heard someone observe once “Change has never come at us as fast as it’s coming today, and it will never be this slow again.” Our Change Ebook is here to help that change be a little more manageable. 

Zoom Tips & Tricks

If you are participating in a virtual offering from Your Clear Next Step, you will be using the Zoom platform. Zoom is also commonly used for virtual meetings in other businesses. Here are a few basic tips and tricks to get you through a virtual Zoom meeting!

Office Ps & Qs

YCNS - Office Ps and Qs Infographic

Working with other people isn't always easy.   Sometimes work can be stressful. It builds up, weighs us down, and stretches us to our limits. And then, to top it all off, we have to work with other people. Our Office Ps & Qs Infographic is the perfect tool we can all use to help keep things courteous.


Daily Reflection and Gratitude Journal

Daily Reflection Journal Draft - Idea 1-8-2020 - January

Studies indicate having an "attitude of gratitude" can have a positive impact on our success, interactions with those around us, health and wellness, even longevity! So why don't we practice it more? Well, frankly, sometimes it's hard to find practical applications. The theory is sound, but what do we really doOne thing you can do is to keep a Daily Reflection Journal. 

Navigating through Tough Moments Checklist

Navigating Through Tough Moments Checklist


Download your free Navigating Through Tough Moments Checklist to help more effectively have a tough conversation.

Appreciation in the Office Guide

Appreciation in the officeTo be successful at work, we need the space and tools to do our jobs, skills and knowledge to complete tasks, and motivation and engagement. Part of motivation and engagement is feeling appreciated! Download this guide to appreciation in the office to help you show your colleagues appreciation in their style and build even better relationships.