Meeting Management & Facilitation

Meeting Management & Facilitation Resources

Chances are you have at least one meeting this week, if not a week full of meetings. Maybe you're facilitating, maybe you're just attending, either way you can help make your meetings even better and more productive. 

Featured Blogs

The Mobsters Who Will Rob Your Meeting

Who's in Your Meetings?

You've probably met these characters at a meeting...the one who stays silent, is loud, can't decide, or is snarky. Here's how to handle all of those people


Presentation Vs. Facilitation

What's the Difference?!

Presentation and Facilitation. They’re pretty common terms in our training and development world, so we’re sure you’ve heard them both before too. But have you ever found yourself wondering “what’s the difference?!”

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How to Have Better Meetings

How to Have Better Meetings

Drained by lousy meetings at work? We’ve can fill you up with great ideas!


Zoom Tips & Tricks

Zoom is commonly used for virtual meetings internally, and externally in business. Here are a few basic tips and tricks to get you through a virtual Zoom meeting. Also, some backgrounds you can download! 

Office Ps & Qs

YCNS - Office Ps and Qs InfographicSometimes work can be stressful. It builds up, weighs us down, and stretches us to our limits. And then, to top it all off, we have to work with other people. Our Office Ps & Qs Infographic is the perfect tool we can all use to help keep things courteous, especially in meetings.