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We communicate and collaborate everyday, and there's always room for improvement. We know that Communication is Critical, Hard, and Not About Me, but putting that in practice is a bit more challenging. Here are some resources to help you communicate and collaborate even better. 

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The Importance of DISC

Apart from Frisbee Golf

It has been said many times before: communication is critical. Done properly, it is one of the most important skills a person can have. But not everyone communicates the same way. One tool to look at communication styles is DISC, and though we’ve sponsored a disc golf hole here in our home of Indianola, that sport isn’t what I mean. DISC is an assessment acronym that stands for: Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, and Compliance.


Uncivil Discourse

Turning An Unproductive Conversation Productive

We’ve written about “agreeing to disagree” in the past, and there are lots and lots of present-day and historical examples of people who didn’t agree or see eye-to-eye, but who were still able to engage in effective communications and positive relationships. It’s challenging (read: impossible) to build relationships and communicate effectively if someone isn’t feeling heard. Here are two scenarios with unproductive situations, along with a couple alternatives to turn the conversation into a productive one. 


Boost Adaptability

By Boosting Creativity

Creativity and creative thinking isn’t simply the domain of artists - painters, writers, and musicians. Creativity is the ability to solve a problem in a way that is novel and appropriate, or new and useful. Creativity can also be an intentional practice, rather than a randomly occurring accident. Having team members with the skills to be deliberately creative can make them even three times as valuable as team members without these skills. 

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Communication Infographic


The Road to Communication is vital to our success, but it's not always easy to navigate. This simple, easy-to-use tool from Your Clear Next Step gives you everything you need to understand the three principals of effective communication. With an easy to follow graphic, and tips incorporated a long the way, this tool will help make your communication even better. 

How to Make Courtesy Common Again

cover slide-1Common courtesy is only common if we make it so. So how exactly do we make it common? Built on the three principles of effective communication, and including some of the most common hot-buttons in today’s workplace this session will give your teams something to talk about, work on, and practice on an ongoing basis, to build even greater team success.

How to Get Your Message Through Loud and Clear

How To Get Your Message Through Loud and Clear

This session makes it easy to reflect on your own communication style and preferences, and highlights new techniques to try when communicating with others.

How to Talk to Your Boss About Anything

How to Talk to Your Boss About Anything

Approaching your boss may be uncomfortable, but this on-demand training will help you speak up and approach your boss with ease.

How to Work Better with People Who Think and Communicate Differently Than You Do

How To Work Better with People Who Think and Communicate Differently Than You Do

In one hour, you’ll gain a better understanding of four common communication styles and improve your ability to anticipate the needs of others.