Change and Transition

Change and Transition Resources

 Many have been attributed with some version of the thought, “Change has never come at us as fast as it’s coming today, and it will never be this slow again.”

Thankfully, there are resources to help you manage change even better!

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When the Change Wasn't What You Wanted

Four Tips For What To Do if Faced With Change You Didn't Want

I teach a lot of change management classes, and one of the key concepts we talk about that helps people move from “A” (current state) to “B” (future state) is knowing that B is better. But what if you’re moving towards a “B” that isn’t obviously better? What if “B” is still unknown? What if the “B” you can see is not as good as “A” was – or perhaps much, much worse?


The Process of Grief

It's Hard for People

Grief is one of those uncomfortable topics that most of us would rather avoid. It’s unpleasant, and it brings up feelings of loss, sadness, uncertainty, even fear. But as the work of Elisabeth Kübler-Ross applied to change management has shown us, understanding grief is an important part of any change or transition.

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Empowering Changemakers

Individuals - Become a certified changemaker to start enabling change effectively in your organization! 

Organizations - Equip and empower changemakers within your organization to effect intentional change! 

Change Curriculum 

Our change management curriculum explores change and transition management through three different lenses. 

  1. The “I” lens allows participants to engage with self-awareness and self-management, understanding how they themselves respond to change and transition, and how to navigate through even better.
  2. The “we” lens allows leaders, influencers, and in-tact teams to engage with other-awareness and relationship management, understanding how those around them respond to change and transition, and how to enable those around to come through periods of transition even better.
  3. The third lens (“y’all”) is specifically targeted for those who are leading organizational change initiatives, engaging with the principals of project management, change and transition management, emotional intelligence, and leading change at the organizational level.

If you only have time for one session, we recommend choosing your session based on your role – individual contributors would take the “I” lens, leaders would take the “we” lens, and individuals specifically tasked with leading a change initiative would take the “y’all” lens.  If you expect to take more than one session, especially with the shorter modules such as the on-demand trainings, we strongly recommend taking the “I” lens before the “we” lens.

Change EBook

Change e-book

Change is coming at us fast. Relentlessly. Moving. Us. Forward. I heard someone observe once “Change has never come at us as fast as it’s coming today, and it will never be this slow again.” Our Change Ebook is here to help that change be a little more manageable. 

Change Infographic

change infographic picChange is so hard because it means facing the unknown. We are here to fix this equation. Our Change Infographic tries to take some of the unknown out of whatever change or transition you might be facing so you can feel less scared and more ready for the "B" that lies ahead.

How to Help Others Through Change When They Would Really Rather Not

How To Help Others Through Change When They Would Really Rather Not

Change is becoming less and less “optional” in today’s work environment, and it’s more important now than ever for leaders and team leaders to be able to help teams through the transition process together. This live, one-hour training will equip you with tools and key messages to do just that!

How to Lead Change From the C-Suite

cover slide Change is hard. You have the ability to make it easier on yourself and your team. We have the tools you need to do just that in this one hour webinar.


How to Stay Grounded When Everything Around You Is Changing

How To Stay Grounded When Everything Around You is Changing

If it’s true that the only thing that doesn’t change is change itself, then why do some people around us get through change easier than others? Now more than ever, it’s critical for you to master the ability to plan for change, and keep yourself up to speed and moving forward.