Empowering Changemakers, One Day At A Time


Does your organization effectively empower changemakers?

They say that change has never come at us this fast, and it will never be this slow again. But intentional change in an organizational context requires capable changemakers, and those changemakers need to be equipped and empowered.

Changemakers are the individuals who make things happen, and more often than not, the people who could make things happen are missing either the principles, the tools, the process, the influence skills, or the know-how to get from A to B. With just a handful of simple, easy to grasp and quick to apply concepts, individuals can become influencers. Project managers become change leaders. Change agents can become changemakers.

The most effective changemakers are empowered with the ability to lead people, grow business, and navigate transition. These three sets of complementary skills are not at odds. They are not in tension. They must work in unison. Whether your organization has zero, one, two, or three of these – if they’re not all three working together, we can help.


Changemakers Icons - People-Growth


People Growth happens under good leadership.

Good leaders...

  • Communicate effectively
  • Navigate tough moments with grace
  • Effectively give the gift of feedback
  • Drive performance
  • Harness the power of their team
  • Delegate effectively
  • Make meetings better
  • Build a culture of appreciation
  • Lead from the heart
Changemakers Icons - Business-Growth

Business Growth

Business Growth happens when projects and processes align with organizational goals.

That happens when...

  • Sponsors are up to speed
  • Projects move at the speed of change
  • Risk management is a priority
  • Solid decisions stick
  • We trust the process that works
  • Stakeholders are engaged
Changemakers Icons - Organizational change

Organizational Change

Change happens when we help people transition from where they are to where they're going.

Effective change happens when we...

  • Empower changemakers
  • Enable change with grace, speed, and value
  • Move at the speed of change
  • Help others thrive on change
  • Are resilient and "bounce" back
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