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Let's Chat: Conversations With Mothers & Daughters

Originally written to help deepen relationships and foster faith conversations between Mothers and Daughters, this book is also useful for grandmothers, granddaughters, aunts, nieces, sisters, cousins, friends, etc. 

Lets Chat

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A quote from the author:

A year or two ago, while preparing to lead a Sunday School program at my church that would bring together mothers and their daughters (teens and up), I discovered that there just weren’t any resources available that would do what I was hoping, so with God’s steady hand guiding my fingers on the keyboard, I sat down and wrote a program.  About 20 women participated in the pilot study that January, including mothers with their teen daughters, mothers with daughters who had grown up and moved away, and even a woman who attended on Sundays and brought the program back to her mother who was in a nursing home.  What a blessing it was to share this Bible-based resource with them and see their relationships grow!  Since then, I’ve updated a few of the components and worked with a brilliant graphic designer to help bring this book to market to help any women who are interested in deepening their relationships with others, improving their communication, and talking more clearly and openly about their faith journey.


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Quotes from the Back:

“The quiet, reflective time I spent with my daughter studying and sharing the materials from Sinikka's book allowed me to deepen our connection. It felt so meaningful to share my faith with her and to gain a closer look into what she felt was important. It was an important opportunity for us.” - Mary


“For mothers with daughters and daughters with mothers of all ages! This resource helps build relationships and trust with talking points to walk participants through this wonderful coming-together guide.” - Jana


“A heart-felt Christian approach from Sinikka blessed my wife and daughter with a weekly commitment to be in conversation together in Christ – a conversation that they truly cherished.” - Dave


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