Faith-based Resources

Faith-Based Resources

We take our faith with us to work every day, we take it everywhere, and it shows. Let's make sure we're being intentional about our faith while we're at work. 

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Finding Joy

Even When It's Raining

As my uncle used to say, “Sometimes you win. Sometimes you lose. And sometimes it rains.” When we are losing and when it is raining, it is hard sometimes, to find the joy. For the stuff that’s not so big, putting the moment into perspective can help us to not lose sight of our joy. 


The God of the In-Between

Aligning Your Values With Work

Change is an important topic here at Your Clear Next Step. Sometimes, in season of change, there is a space in-between what was and what is going to be which can be an uncomfortable place to be in. We invite you to enjoy this inspiration from a recent intern, Lydia, as she shares her perspective on finding comfort during an in-between.

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Let's Chat!

Let's Chat: Conversations with Mothers and Daughters

Lets Chat

30-day devotional designed to bring women closer to God and to each other in their daily conversations. Written to spark discussion between mothers and daughters, this book would be great for mothers, daughters, grandmothers, aunts, nieces, or any special sisters-in-Christ to explore your faith together on topics that women frequently encounter.

Living Your Values at Work Infographic

How to Live Your Values at Work (2)This simple, easy-to-use tool from Your Clear Next Step gives you everything you need to make sure you're living your values at work. With an easy to follow graphic, this tool will help you make your work days even better. 

How to Live Your Values at Work

12We are known by our character, and our character comes from our habits. Are your workplace habits consistent with your values? Does your character show through at work? Encounter a simple process to help ensure it does.

The Christian Business Conference

In our commitment to step up in faith, and in celebration of the God who serves as our Rock, our Fortress, and our Foundation, Your Clear Next Step is thrilled to host an annual conference for Christ-followers at work. This is a non-denominational, ecumenical, Bible-based session intended to encourage people of faith in the workplace.

Check out our upcoming Christian Business conference here!

THIS - Twenty-Four Hours In the Spirit

THIS has always been something different. Since 2017, THIS (Twenty Four Hours in the Spirit) has been a chance for a group of women to stop their regular routine for a concentrated chance to focus on God’s word, to refresh, and to enjoy fellowship with other women, either online or in-person.

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